Our “Live-In” Predator Hunting

September 6, 2010

Well, actually this predator lives outside.  He’s the equivalent of a barn cat… except we don’t have any barn!  He has a couple of cushy “cool cat pads” to keep him out of the weather, and he’s also been known to hang out on the bales of hay kept under the quonset hut.

And he is a quite a hunter!  He seems to prefer rodents, which delights me.  Mice, moles, and then, there’s also (and if you’re squeamish about seeing dead things, now’s the time to quit reading/looking!):

cat with rabbit in mouth

The Mighty Hunter

I know, I know, looks kind of pitiful.  I said as much to the Cave Geek.  “Ahhh,” says I, “Spot killed a baby rabbit.  And it was so cute!”

“So is Spot,” says the Cave Geek. “and we’ve got LOTS of rabbits and only one Spot.  Let him enjoy his rabbit.”

Well, since he put it that way. . .

And then The Farmer dared me to put the picture on the blog here.  He figures this is real life, a true picture of life on the farm as it atually happens.  Some people can’t deal with that, and I will no doubt hear about it via comments or email.

Facts are, although I love animals, and I’m a nature lover too, this is just how it is in nature.  Predators have to eat, too.

If you don’t believe me, just watch a few shows on Animal Planet!

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