My Best Helper

July 16, 2014

When The Canadian Contingent visits I get a great helper.  Ellie is ready to help Southern Grandma do just about anything!  In fact, when they come in the door, the first thing she usually says is to ask me, “What are you going to do with me today?”

We have a great time puttering around in the kitchen, doing crafts of one kind or another, and Ellie also helps do the outside animal chores.

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A Visit from Our Canadian Contingent

September 6, 2013

I am sooooo far behind on reporting happenings on the farm!  Never mind all the smaller happenings, but there a lot of big things I haven’t written about, like sheep shearing, a trip to the Okefenokee, and most importantly of all, a visit from Richard, Chrystie and Ellie!

Ellie is now 8-years-old!  Phenomenal!  Where does time fly by to so quickly???  She was my big helper when they came to visit the first part of August.

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Princess Ellie

January 28, 2011

See this cute little girl?

picture of little girl

This is fun!

As of this week, it’s been a year since she had her surgery (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy).

But she’s come a long way in that year! She is one determined little girl.

picture of little girl using walker

I think I can, I think I can. . .

She’s had a lot of therapy and done a lot of work.  She’s one tough little individual.  I love her spunk. 

And she also started school this year!

Cuteness Personified

If everyone had her persistence, no telling what great things could happen!   What a sweetheart!

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

November 16, 2010

When we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, last month having a grand time with the grandkid and kids, we spent one morning at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.  It’s one of my favorite places to visit when we go to that area.

One of the first things you see when you walk in is the kids area on the lower level.  It’s a pretty neat place!

picture of kids area at Ripleys aquarium

Kids Area at Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies

There were some places Ellie could get up close and check out the fish.

photo of child looking at fish

Ellie enjoyed checking out the fish

Sometimes she needed a little more help from Dad to be able to get a close look.

photo of child looking at fish

Ellie gets a little help from her dad.

Sometimes the fish looked back at her.

picture of big fish

Looking at you looking at me.

Other times the fish seemed to be looking at themselves.

picture of cuttfish

Reflections of a Cuttlefish

And sometimes things got a little crabby. . .

photo of child looking at horseshoe crabs

"Are you sure it's safe to put my hands in there?"

And remember the first picture showing the kids area?  Here’s Ellie inside one of the aquariums enjoying a close encounter of the finny kind.

photo of child inside aquarium

The Little Mermaid?

We all got to travel through a sort of tunnel to look at fish all around us. There were lots of these sawfish.

picture of sawfish

Getting pictures and reflections.

Some of the fish were HUGE!

picture of big fish, a goliath grouper

Goliath Grouper

photo of Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda

The jellyfish were kind of interesting to watch.

picture of jellyfish


And some fish are just strangely beautiful, though deadly.

picture of lionfish


Other creatures were just beautifully colorful.

picture of Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

And others were just strange. . .

picture of Weedy Scorpionfish

Weedy Scorpionfish

picture of cuttlefish


photo of spotted garden eel

Spotted Garden EEL

There were just so many fish and critters there I can’t post pictures of them all!  Poison dart frogs, mudskippers, four-eyed fish, reef fish, anenomes, piranha, catfish, leafy seahorse, octopus, Alaskan crabs, and all kinds of sharks and rays.  Oh yes!  And they have a new penguin exhibit also.

And a whole lot more I can’t remember right now. It was a great way to spend some time and neat to see all the different creatures!

Children on the Farm

June 3, 2010

In this particular instance, GRANDchild on the farm.

Ellie and her parents are headed back to Canada.  In fact, she and her Dad flew out of Nashville yesterday and made it home about 9pm last night.  Ellie’s mom is driving the car back, so it will be a while before she makes it all the way home, especially since she’s stopping in Minneapolis to see friends.

It’s been really great having them one non-stop flight away, and I took full advantage of it to go see them several times this spring.  But it had been well over a year since they had last visited the farm.  In fact, it was February 2009, and I have a post with pictures from then in “The Cutest Little Cowgirl.”

Ellie and her dad went out to help with chores one morning.  Not being around animals very much, Ellie isn’t too sure what to make of them.  She was willing to throw corn out to the chickens and watch them come hustling up, and maybe even liked the baby chickens.

And she was fascinated with the peacock strutting his stuff and rattling his feathers to make a racket.  Now when we ask her about what the peacock does, she shakes her head to imitate his ruffling his feathers, which is pretty funny.

But the llamas?  Well, gosh, they’re BIG!  Although Miss CrankyPants Keira is fascinated with little kids and was on her best behavior, Ellie still wasn’t too sure about this much-bigger-than-her critter.

Ellie and Keira, the llama, checking each other out.

It was okay if Daddy wanted to feed that furry monster, but just don’t get TOO close!

"Dad, are you SURE that thing is safe?"

Even with lots of reassurances, Ellie wasn’t buying into the idea that wooly critter was safe.

"Look me in the eye now and tell me the truth!"

Then when our nosy little goat joined in to check Ellie out, that was just too much for her!


Having animals trying to sniff her and nibble on her, and just getting up too close and personal was a little much for Miss Ellie.

She much preferred the company of  “Hey Ewe!” . . .

"This soft critter is more like it!"

We sure enjoyed visiting, and it’s rather sad to have them so far away again. 

But Ellie did great with her surgery and subsequent therapy.  She’ll have more therapy this summer, then starts school in the fall.  Wow.

Grandchildren grow up much too quickly!

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