Continued Cold in The South – That’s My World!

January 19, 2009

Mother Nature seems to have forgotten an important premise… it’s supposed to be relatively warm in the south.  Yes, it gets pretty cold in the winter sometimes, but it’s usually brief, and usually not much below freezing.

Lately, we’ve had much colder weather lasting for longer periods of time.  In fact, according to our local weatherman, we’ve had the coldest temperatures there’s been here in 6 years.  Me, I hope it’s at least another 6 years before it’s this cold again!

When I walk out to the mailbox, there is ice on the pond beside our driveway.  A little ice around the edges happens now and there most winters, but this much ice is too much!

There are lots of cardinals here that must brave the cold, cruel world for food and water. Here was one in the tree beside the birdbath.

However, the heater in the bird bath can’t keep up with the continued cold weather and let some ice form.

Even the birds can’t believe all this ice everywhere, and look in disdain at the icy water in the birdbath.

What’s with this?

When I walk out the back door and see the tub on our back porch – said porch having solid walls on two sides I might mention! – I see even the tub garden has a skim of ice on it.  I’ve never seen ice in this tub before.

There’s even a little iceberg forming where the water hits the surface.

After I’ve been out and done chores, I often go for a walk in the woods.  Even there, things are weird.  For instance, the creek has crusts of ice here and there along the sides.  With the swiftly running water, there usually isn’t any ice on the creek.

The shallower water in some of the sloughs is totally frozen.

And strangest of all, the ground is crunchy. That’s right, when I walk through the woods, my steps make crunching sounds.

That’s just wrong. The ground in the south is supposed to be dry and hard, or maybe wet and sloppy, but it is NOT supposed to be frozen and crunchy.

Just take a close-up look of our crunchy ground.

Ice, my world is full of ice, and that just isn’t right!

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