There’s A Skink in My Sink!

July 17, 2014

The other day I went to fill up the dishwasher because the kitchen sink was filled with dirty dishes.

But when I went to grab a dirty dish, I got a startling surprise. . . there was a skink in my sink!

pic of five-lined skink (Plestiodon fasciatus)

As you might imagine, I wasn’t expecting to see a 5-lined skink in my sink. Not that this is the first time we’ve had one of these little blue-tailed skinks in the house.

For instance, there was the memorable time we saw one in the living room, and both The Farmer and I were running around with plastic bowls, trying to capture the skink by plunking a bowl down on top of it, then sliding a thin plastic cutting board under the bowl. Believe it or not, we finally did accomplish the capture and let the skink loose outside.

I used a variation of that technique to capture this little five-lined skink.  My trap of choice this time was a little plastic tub that used to hold sliced turkey.  Once I got him (her?) inside, the skink went OUT side!

image of 5 lined skink and Blue Angel HostaIn this capture & release program, the skink ended up in a pot with a start of chocolate mint (mmmm, chocolate, what a lucky skink!), beside a huge Blue Angel Hosta.  (And I do mean HUGE!  Everyone who comes to the house wants to know what kind of hosta that is!)

The little lizard was tentative at first, and not sure about the new surroundings.

pic of blue tailed skinkHowever, once it finally decided to go, it really MOVED, and was gone so quickly I didn’t get a picture of it.

Since then I’ve seen a skink scampering around on the leaves of that big hosta once in a while.  I don’t know if it’s the one that surprised in me in the sink, or another one.   We see them now and then around the farm, and I’ve even written about one that was on the back porch, in the “I See a Skink” post back in 2009.

They’re actually kind of cute… but still don’t belong in the kitchen sink!

I can’t believe I saw a skink
Dancing around in the kitchen sink.

It does not belong there I think.

Out of the sink and into a tub,
The sink is not a lizard pub.

No skinks allowed Bub!

The skink must go where it is sent,
Go out and taste the chocolate mint!

If you stay in the sink I’ll charge you rent.

Bye, Bye Skink!

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