“What Doesn’t Belong?” Contest Winner

June 12, 2009

All right people, it’s Friday, and I said I’d announce the contest winner today!

For all of you who looked and looked and couldn’t find the “thing that doesn’t belong” in the first picture, I’ll admit, that one was difficult.  All you could see was the top of her head and one eyeball peering over a picture.   Here’s a closer view, with the culprit clearly marked.

There's parrot hiding in the picture!

Yes, the thing that didn’t belong was our ornery little parrot, who took a notion in her head to fly in there one day.

I figured when I gave the clue of:

There are three of these things in the picture.  Only one is real. .

. . that it would make it easier to figure out, since there were two fake parrots in the picture, while number three was real.

3 Parrots In A Picture (2 fake, 1 real)

And of course, you can see more of the REAL parrot in this picture than you could in the first picture!

What Doesn't Belong? The Silly Parrot!

So there you have it, the thing that didn’t belong was the REAL parrot.  She’s not exactly part of the racing memorabilia, family pictures or fake bird stuff.  Okay, so the peacock feathers are real, but they’re no longer attached to the live bird!  The parrot was the only LIVE thing in the picture.

As for the winner, well, some sent emails and some commented.  However, it was Amy over at Amy’s Corner who was once again the speediest to reply with the correct answer.

Congratulations Amy! Send me an email and let me know if you want a picture or a magnet.

If you missed out this time, stay tuned!  Something else crazy will happen around here, or I’ll otherwise come up with an idea for another contest.  You’ll have another chance!

What Doesn’t Belong – Part II

June 10, 2009

Okay, it’s hard to see what doesn’t belong in the first picture I posted.  So I’m going to make it a little easier, and post another picture where you can see more of “what doesn’t belong.”  It’s in the same location in the picture, just showing a little more. . .

What Doesn't Belong?

I figure by comparing the two pictures, it should make it much easier to see the thing that shouldn’t be in the picture.

And besides all that, here’s a clue:

There are three of these things in the picture.  Only one is real.

With the clue and the new picture, someone ought to guess real quick.

Good luck!

What Doesn’t Belong?

June 9, 2009

Okay guys and gals, it’s time for another contest.  So let’s see how sharp-eyed you are!

I took a picture of the den the other day.  It’s full of The Farmer’s racing souvenirs and memorabilia, plus a few knick knacks of other sorts.  As you can see in this picture, there are just all kinds of goodies in there collecting dust.

The Farmer's Den

However, at the time I took this picture, there was also something in there that doesn’t really belong – – it just doesn’t quite fit in with all the other stuff.  (If you need a closer look, click on the picture to enlarge it.)

So, can you see it?

I’m going to hold the comments until Friday, then I’ll announce the winner.

And what do you win?  This time you get a choice:

  1. framed 5×7 of any picture on this webiste, or
  2. large magnet (5.47″ x 4.21″).

This is what the magnet looks like:

Rural Ramblings Magnet

It’s great for those refrigerators or filing cabinets!

So take a look, then take a guess!  Good luck!

Life Goes On & Contest Winner For Guessing Toby’s Weight!

May 8, 2009

Life goes on.

It’s going to take a while to ease the ache of losing our little cria though.  It especially breaks my heart when I see our Lady Llama out there nosing around in the hay and humming softly to herself… you know she’s looking for her baby and wondering what happened to it.

Even our male llama, Samson, isn’t immune to grief.  He stands on the other side of the fence, his hum just a low cry.

Anybody who doesn’t think animals grieve has either never been around them much, or is terribly insensitive.  At this point, it hurts more watching them mourn than it did to lose the baby.  She’s gone.  They’re still here and they hurt.

But like I said, life goes on.  It kind of tickled me to see the one little chick peeking through the mama hen’s feathers.

Chick peeking through hen's feathers.

This morning she was out with four little chicks.

Mother hen with four chicks.

She’s already teaching them to scratch around and look for food.  She scratches around and clucks for them to come see.  I tried to get a picture with all four little chickie bottoms in the air, but it didn’t work.

Mama hen scratches for food for chicks.

Like in this picture… only two little bottoms up, one chick half asleep, and the other one scratching.  Oh well, they’re cute!

Now, as for the contest on how much this silly dog weighs…

Toby with a silly grin.

The winner is Amy from “Amy’s Corner” – GO AMY!

She guessed 85 pounds, and the vet’s scales said 82 pounds, so that’s a pretty good guess!  I was surprised someone got that close!  So once again, it’s time to choose a picture and let me know what you’d like!

Thanks to everyone who stops by and reads “Rural Ramblings”, and especially to those who leave comments, and even more so, those who take time to participate in the contests!

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

Toby Gets Board

May 5, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, our American Farm Collie, Toby, likes to carry around a stick, a board, a log… just some piece of wood!  It can be anywhere from toothpick size to dragging around a big log.  He just has to have some wood in his mouth, because after all, someone might want to play tug-of-war or fetch with him!

But sometimes the big pieces of wood present a… well, a bit of a LOGistics problem!

Toby on the back porch with a big board.

Like how in the world can he get this big, long board through the door?  He just can’t lumber through any old which way.

Toby trying to get board through doorway.

However, being a resourceful dog, he gets a new “slat” on his problem.

Toby getting through the door with his precious board.

Unfortunately, there are more obstacles.  Here’s yet another gateway he has to pole vault through somehow.

Toby trying to get board through gate.

He has a stake on getting through though.  He likes to follow me around while I do chores, and maybe get a treat biscuit (or two or three…).

Toby pulls board through gate.

He manages a sort of “Beam me through Scotty” approach and gets through once more.

Toby carrying board around in the yard.
Ha, ha! It’s mine, ALL MINE!!!

I’ve got him pegged however.  He’ll drop that board if I offer him a treat!

Of course, just maybe Toby has had a few too many treats.  Youngest son and I took Toby to the vet Friday to catch up on his immunizations and stuff (the dog, not the son).  While Toby was there, we got him up on the scales and weighed him.

Toby & Youngest Son at the vet's office.
Waiting For The Vet

Now you’ve seen all these pictures.  You’ve seen him compared to the chickens in the background, and sitting beside my about 6′ tall son.

So the question is: How much do you think Toby weighs???

I’ll give you a couple of hints.

  1. About 4 years or so ago, he weighed 42 pounds.
  2. Next month he’ll be 5 years old.
  3. He may be just a tad fluffy, but he’s mostly pretty solid!

The person who guesses closest to his actual weight by this Friday wins the contest!  The prize is a 5×7 picture, your choice!  (And Jenny, yours is ready to go as soon as I have an address!)  I don’t say I’ll get it to you FAST, but I will get it to you!

So take a guess!  Just how much do YOU think Toby weighs???