Lost and Found

January 21, 2012

This is about something lost and found on more than one level.  First off, this story is an old one, lost in a folder on my hard drive.  I happened to find it this morning and thought I would add it to the stories here.

So here’s the story of some other Lost And Found things…

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Guinea Birds and Keets

July 8, 2011

We only have one batch of guinea keets so far this summer.  They are incredibly cute when they are little, but as The Farmer puts it, they are the “opposite of the Ugly Duckling story.”  They grow up to be, well, a little strange looking.

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Friday’s Farm Fotos

October 8, 2010

Time for a round-up of photos from around the farm this week.  We’ve had some beautiful weather, and critters and people are all enjoying it.

The guineas are done nesting for the year, and back in one big flock.  Here they are in our front yard. . .

picture of guinea fowl

Foraging Guineas

They hatched a lot of keets, but made a poor showing for keeping them!  There are only two survivors.  Guineas will NOT be winning the mother of the year award!

The chickens like to forage in the grass too.  It’s a nice buffet of seeds and bugs.

picture of red rooster

Strolling along. . .

They not only forage in the front yard and fields, they go down around the pond too.

picture of chickens

Grazing by the pond.

And they are often near the birdbath, since they like to use it for their local watering hole.

picture of polish silver laced rooster

The Patriarch Rooster of the Chicken Clan

While the chickens are running around, the goat and llama are taking a break and enjoying the sunshine.

photo of goat and llama

Resting in the sunshine.

Since the weather was cooler, Toby and I decided to walk in the woods.  In the bottom pasture, there are still some butterflies flitting around.

picture of Gulf Fritillary butterfly

Gulf Fritillary butterfly (Agraulis vanillae)

There are still white flowers blooming in the fields and woods.

picture of plants with white flowers

Anybody know what these plants are?

Since ya’ll are so good at identifying birds, how about trees?  There is a pretty tall tree in our woods with purplish stems at the top.

photo of tree

Name this tree!

And to help with the identification, here is a closer look at the leaves of the tree . . .

picture of tree

A closer look at the leaves. . .

And now, a closer look at those purple stems at the top of the tree. . .

photo of tree

Looks like there was fruit here?

So how about it, anyone know what the tree is?

And now, it’s time to jump into the week-end!

picture of chicken

"Gotta Fly!"

Hope ya’ll have a GREAT week-end!

More Baby Chickens!

August 5, 2010

Yep, it’s still a chick, chick, here, and a chick, chick there!

These little guys are a few weeks old, but the mama hen has been keeping them in tall weeds in the goat and llamas pen.  That’s actually a pretty smart way to keep them safe.  The dogs patrol around there, and hawks and other flying predators can’t see them down in the dense weeds.

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Guinea Fowl Family

July 22, 2010

The three guinea hens are running around now with 8 little keets.  I can see them far off in the field, running through the grass.

guinea fowl

3 head swivel towards me when I get too close!

The baby guinea keets have to really struggle to run through the grass on their short legs and keep up with the adults.

Guinea fowl

Run, run, as fast as you can!

You can see how hard the little ones work in this video…. but ignore all the wind sound please!

The little pale gray one is still hanging in there with the rest.

guinea fowl

Baby Guinea Keets in Grass

They have gotten brave enough these days to bring the babies in when we throw out feed.

Guinea Fowl Birds

Chow time!

It certainly doesn’t take long for the baby guinea keets to learn to eat corn and bugs and everything else they see the hens eat!

baby guinea birds

Food, glorious food!

Which is, of course, a good thing or the babies would soon starve!