That’s My World Tuesday Premier

October 21, 2008

That’s my world Tuesday is a new meme to show off your part of the world. This is the first issue and my first time joining in.  I had hoped to get my picture in early on,  but my internet provider was down most of the day.

I’ve looked at some of the pictures from other people’s “corner of the world”, and they are breathtaking!

However, since this is about my world, my picture will be a little more prosaic.  When I look out the windows, I don’t have an ocean view, or see a big sweeping vista showing mountains.  There is no Disney World next door.  Instead we are bordered by a subdivision with close to 50 houses, a creek, farm and blacktop road.

When I look outside I don’t see boats in a river or ocean, or wild animals like moose and bears.  What I see most often are LOTS of guineas.

This bunch is taking it easy in and around the sheep’s shed.

We have other farm animals, of course, but for today, it’s guineas.  There will be time enough on other “My World Tuesdays” to show other animals and scenery from around the farm.

So there we are for today, and welcome to That’s My World!

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