About Us!

Welcome to our website, RuralRamblings.com!

This blog is about the adventures (and misadventures) on our  little farm of 12-acres in the southeastern part of the United States.  You’ll see posts about the people and all the critters that live here, including lots of pictures.  For a complete list of the inhabitants, not counting the wildlife of course, check out the Cast of Characters page.  I try to keep it updated to reflect the current count of critters!

To get a feel for the setting of all my stories, let me tell you about our farm.

Approximately 3 acres of our place is wooded, with another acre or so with the house and yards, and the rest is in pastures and unused fields.

Our farm has a creek on one border, and a country road on another, along the front edge of the property.  The wooded section continues on as woods onto someone else’s property.  Check out the plat below to see how the farmland is divided:

plat of Rural Ramblings farm

Farm Plat (You can click on the picture to bring up a larger version.)

The bottom pasture can become pretty boggy at times, as there are springs leaking water out of the hillside.  In fact, the pond is spring-fed as well.  We also have well-water, with the well being located in the main pasture.  For whatever reason, the people who built the house connected it to the county water system, but the well water is nice for keeping the animals and garden watered.

There used to be farmland on the side shown on the upper right of the plat.  However, a few years ago the owner died.  At first, the heirs were going to sell it as mini-farms, with a minimum of 5-acre lots.  At that time, The Farmer decided we should buy the piece of land that is now the back pasture.  Good thing we did!  The idea of mini-farms went by the wayside and a housing development went in instead.  That piece of land is a good buffer, so we don’t have houses right up against our animal pens.

Checking Out Our Farm on Google Earth

Here’s a look at our farmstead as shown on Google Earth.  I put a highlighted line around the perimeter of the farm.

picture of the farm from the air

And here’s one last way of looking at the farm, by superimposing the plat onto the Google Earth picture, so you can see exactly where things are.

pic of Rural Ramblings farm

Now if I talk about action on a specific part of the farm and you’re trying to imagine where I mean, you can always come back here and check this out to see exactly where I’m talking about!

Our Philosophy

We try to practice sustainable living practices as much as possible, including organic gardening.

We can’t do as much as we’d like to, not being as young as we once were!!  At one time we had a good-sized flock of Shetland sheep, plus several goats.  Those numbers are way down these days, as we’ve become a retirement home for the 4-legged critters, and mainly concentrate on different forms of fowl now.

Even if it’s not very big, we enjoy our little farm, and hope you will enjoy the stories shared here.