Peachicks Move To New Home

September 7, 2010

Our three little peachicks have been living in a bird cage on a table on the back porch for some time.  I finally decided they were big enough to move up to a bigger cage sitting in the back yard.

This past Saturday The Farmer carried the bird cage to their new home.

peahicks getting a ride to new home

"Where are we going?"

They weren’t quite sure what to make of their new home.  At first they just stood very still.

3 peachicks (baby peacocks)

"Whooaaa! This is BIG!"

However, it didn’t take them long to find their food, and after that they seemed quite content.

3 baby peacocks

"Alright, chow!"

The appear to be doing well in their new digs.  They’ll stay here until they are old enough to let down on the dirt in the aviary without fear of getting the Histomoniasis that I spoke of in an earlier post.

Until then, enjoy your new home little peachicks!

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