More Parrot Pranks

October 22, 2009

We had an extra futon frame, and I decided to sell it.  I figured there was no need for it to sit around in the storage pod when there was probably someone else who could use it.

Oh, you want to know what this has to do with parrot pranks?  Well, hang in there.  I’ll get to that.

So anyway, I sold the wood futon frame, and had arranged to meet the buyers at a nearby church parking lot yesterday. 

The first problem was finding the key to the lock on the pod.  The Farmer and I looked everywhere.  Well, not quite everywhere, because we didn’t look in the right where to find the key.  He ended up cutting it off before he left for work yesterday.

Later, the Cave Geek was going to help me load the frame and mattress into the back of our pick-up truck.  When we got out there and pulled out the frame, however, we discovered we must have a leak in the pod somewhere allowing moisture inside because the frame had a coating of dry, powdery mold/mildew.

I hustled back inside to get some rags and furniture polish so I could clean the wood.  The furniture polish was under the kitchen sink.  I was in such a hurry, I didn’t notice I didn’t get the cupboard door totally shut.

(Hint: fore·shad·ow·ing – To present an indication or a suggestion beforehand of things to come.)

We got the frame all cleaned up and loaded into the back of the truck.  I had about 45 minutes before it was time to meet the people, so I took the stuff back inside and put it away.  This time I wasn’t in such a hurry and got the cupboard door shut.

So, 3 hours later, after I’d got the frame delivered, done some other work, and was getting hungry for lunch, I walked back towards the kitchen.  That’s when I heard it.  Somewhere that sounded far away, a little voice was saying, “Hello…. hello….”

I looked at the parrot cage.  Oh yeah, last I saw she was playing on the gym beside it.  Not there now.  So where did she get to???

“Hello…. hello….”

It sounded far away, so I looked back towards the bedrooms and bathrooms.  She likes to hide under the beds when she gets a chance, or behind a bathroom door.  I didn’t see her anywhere, but I sure heard her!

“Hello… hello….”

I’d say, “Baby, where are you?”   And in reply, got this faint sounding,

“Hello… hello….”

It finally dawned on me I recognized that muffled hello, and she was in a cupboard somewhere.  So I started opening pantry and cupboard doors, and when I got to the doors under the bathroom sink, this is what I saw:

African Grey Parrot sitting on pipe under sink.

Yep, there was a parrot perched on a pipe peering back at me.  (Say that 10 times fast!)

She must have sneaked in there when I got the furniture polish and left the door slightly open.  Which means the little devil was sitting in there for about 3 hours before I discovered her!

Evidently she entertained herself by chewing on boxes.

African Grey Parrot under sink with chewed box tops.

No doubt she felt she found Nirvana, because I never allow her in that cupboard.  It’s hard to get her out if she gets clear in the back, and there’s all that soap and stuff in there.

I guess being the mischievous little creature that she is, she saw her chance when I went outside and left the door open, and took it.

Just never know what parrot pranks will happen next around here!

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