Our House is a Parrot Playground

February 20, 2013

Granted, not every small farm has a parrot on the premises.  In fact, most of them probably don’t.  But part of our rural life includes a parrot in the house.

If you’re not familiar with them, parrots are intelligent creatures.  Some breeds are smarter than others, and some can talk more than others.  And like every other set of creatures in this world, the intelligence and abilities varies within the breed as well.

I don’t know how our little parrot would rank on the intelligence scale.  As an African Grey parrot, her breed is supposed to have something like the intelligence of a 5-year-old, and the emotions of a 2-year-old.  This adds up to a smart little feathered being that has a huge capacity to get into a world of trouble!

Now we could keep her locked in her cage at all times and avoid some of that trouble, but that would be like locking your kindergardener in the same room 24/7.  No going out to the bathroom, no going somewhere else to play, no going to school…. you get the picture.  It’s rather cruel to make an intelligent creature stay in the same little-bitty space all the time.  Parrots need to play!

Considering the way our parrot loves to go walkabout, our entire house is her very own parrot playground.

She loves to hide behind the living room curtains.

picture of African Grey parrot

When she gets tired of peeking out from behind the curtains to see what’s going on, she climbs to the top of the curtains and perches on the curtain rod.

picture of parrot on curtian rodShe loves perching up high, where she has a great view of everything going on while looking down on us lesser mortals.

Eventually she gets tired of sitting around spying on everyone, and decides to get down and do a little exploring.  She especially likes it when I’m in the kitcchen cooking or cleaning up.  That means there are cupboard doors being opened, and if she is really fast, she can zip in one before I close it back up.

picture of parrot inside cupboardOf course, that also means when there is a bird skulking about, it is wise to check the cupboards before shutting them.  Fortunately, it is easy to tell when she has decided to go exploring in the kitchen, as her toenails make a clicking sound when she is walking on the vinyl flooring.

Other times she decides she is lonely all by herself in the living room, and decides to come visit me in my office.

Sometimes she helps me choose which book I need to pull off the shelf.

picture of parrot on booksOther times she pretends she’s my editor, and checks out what I have written.

picture of parrot on deskShe certainly gets intent on looking over my work!

All of these are her habitual haunts, but once in a while she gets startled and ends up landing in some peculair places.  Just last week she got spooked and flew off into the den where she landed on the side of a set of wicker drawers.

parrot on side of wicker drawer

What I didn’t get a picture of was her sticking out her foot when I got close, which is her way of asking for a ride!

With the entire house as a parrot playground, I keep telling her she really has it made!  “Some poor little parrots never get out of their cage, and you get to roam all over the place!”

Of course, that means you never know where she is going to end up, but she seems to have a good time wherever she goes!

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