Fowl Happenings!

April 5, 2013

Sometimes it gets pretty fowl around here.  And lately, it seems like the fowl have declared war.

Case in point… our Bourbon Red tom turkey has decided he’s one tough turkey.  Every time I go into the pen with him and the hen, I have to carry a broom to fend him off while I fill up the feed bowls.  Isn’t there some kind of adage about not biting the hand that feeds you?  Seems to me that should carry over to a winged assault as well.

But I’m not the only one suffering from a fowl assault.  Just take a look at this:

farmers bruised hand

That’s The Farmer’s damaged left hand. What caused such a mess?


Yeah, hate to say it, but it was another fowl incident.

It’s like this. A few days ago The Farmer was sitting at the dining room table, and the parrot went over to visit. She climbed up on back of a chair that was perilously close to my camera that was on the table.  My hands were full, so I told The Farmer, “Don’t let that bird get hold of my camera.”

He reached down to move the chair she was perched on away from the table, which for some reason she took exception to and she nailed him.

Oh my! I heard him hollering “let go” and came back in time to see blood flying everywhere! He was standing up holding one hand with the other, and there were splatters of blood on his jeans and all over the floor. It looked like a crime scene! I quickly got him a paper towel and told him to press on the wound.

He takes aspirin regularly, so his blood is “thin” and he bleeds easily.  The bird grabbed him and punctured his hand with both sides of her beak.  When she did, it evidently hit right on a blood vessel, because there was a huge bluish lump.

What a mess!!

I put crushed ice on his hand, but there was no getting around it.  There was a lot of blood that leaked under the skin so it was inevitable he ended up with a nasty looking bruise.  On the plus side, he says it doesn’t hurt.

But in the following days, whenever someone asked what happened to his hand and hears a bird bit him, it seems most want to know if he killed the bird.

Thankfully, The Farmer is a fair sort, and knew she probably was either startled, or just saw a chance to get even for all the times he teases her.  They love to bug each other, and she probably just thought nabbing him was another way to play the game!

I think the score right now is Bird: 1, Farmer: 0.

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