The Chimera Chicken Bird

October 26, 2009

chi·me·ra kī-ˈmir-ə, kə- noun
an individual consisting of diverse genetic constitution

The Chimera Chicken Bird

Yes, it’s The Chimera Chicken Bird.  Or something.

Aside from resizing and putting a border around the picture, I didn’t change this picture of the chimera chicken bird critter.  It might look like I stuck a chick’s head on a bird body, but I didn’t do any fancy photo manipulating.

Nope, that’s just how this chick looks.  For real.  For true.

But do you remember in an earlier post I said this reddish brown chick was my favorite?

Reddish-brown Chick

Well, believe it or not it’s the same chick in both pictures.

I suppose at some point the head will also feather out and maybe change colors.  But for now, it’s kind of weird looking.

It’s The Chimera Chicken Bird!

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