Hummingbird vs. Praying Mantis, Take 2

September 3, 2010

This praying mantis is one persistent bug.  It just keeps hanging around.

praying mantis bug

"I'm hanging in there!"

Yesterday it got back on top of the feeder and creeping closer to the hummingbirds whenever it could.

Ruby throated hummingbird and praying mantis

Closer.... closer....

The hummingbirds are certainly aware of the praying mantis, and buzz bomb it from time to time.  It no longer sits passive, but tries to fight back. . .

I don’t think this praying mantis is big enough to actually hold onto a hummingbird if it caught it. But I may have to think about relocating it if this continues.

. . . and if that isn’t enough predators on the farm, there was a hawk hiding behind a post a few feet away from the feeder.

hawk half hidden behind fence post

"You might not see me, but I'm waiting for a meal!"

Gee whiz, you’d think we were in the jungle with all this predator drama!

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