Snake on a Car

August 14, 2013

We’re not famous enough to do “Snakes on a Plane” around here, or maybe that’s “infamous” depending on which review you read of that movie.  At any rate, our story starts with me and The Farmer going out of the driveway, and as we drive past the old Saturn, he says:

“Who put that toy snake on the car?”

Only it wasn’t a toy.  No sir, it was the real deal.

We were in a time crunch, so we didn’t have time to deal with it then.  No pictures, no disposal.  We went on out and took care of business, then drove back home.

The snake was still there.

picture of snake on car windshield

Oh, BIG mistake Mr. Snake!!  That means we now have time for pictures…. and disposal.

Here’s a little close look at our slinky snake, trying to blend into the background. . .

picture of snake on car

Or maybe he just thought the car was a nice warm place to sun himself.  That particular car doesn’t get moved very often.

AT any rate, since the snake was still there, The Farmer aimed to get rid of it.  He has a zero tolerance policy for snakes.

The first step was to get it off the car.  He pinned down the snake’s head so he could grab it.

picture of snake

What happened next is best left to the imagination.

It would be interesting to know what kind of snake it was.  As slender as it was, I suspect it was some kind of water snake, mabye a Brown Water Snake.
belly of snake

The Belly of the Beast
I don’t think it was a Water Moccasin, as they are described as having a heavy body.

Whatever kind it was, the creature was one of many snakes that are attracted to the buffet of frogs and fish in our pond, so perhaps he chose the car to rest on after a heavy meal.

I hope it was an enjoyable meal.  It was his last one.

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