Guineas Chasing A Snake

August 20, 2009

I was throwing out feed one morning when there was a BIG commotion.  The guineas were going berserk!  I noticed a bunch all rushing to one place, and I saw something I’d heard about but never seen before – guineas chasing a snake.

Snake slithering through back yard.

This was a good sized snake, and it was moving FAST!  I couldn’t focus the camera quick enough before it had moved out of the picture again.

The guineas were in hot pursuit. . .

Guineas after snake.

But the snake was in survival mode and had a destination in mind.

Snake racing for tree with guineas in hot pursuit!

This snake obviously knew there was a hole in the tree, and was looking to escape there and get away from the guineas.

Snake escaped into hole in tree while guineas still chase after it.

The guineas looked and screeched, but the snake got away from them.

No trace of the snake, just the hole he escaped in!

He disappeared without a trace into this hole.  This tree has a big hollowed out section, so he (she?) no doubt has a nice little home in there.

It was pretty cool to see all those guineas chasing after that snake though!

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