A New Chick Shows Up

August 21, 2009

A while back I noticed a young chick and Buff Orpington hen out in the sheep shed.  It was the only little chick with the mama hen.

I hadn’t seen it since then, however, and was afraid it hadn’t made it.  But then this morning the mama hen finally brought her chick out to get some of the corn I throw out each morning for the chickens.

Buff Orpington Hen And Chick

I was happy to see the little one was still around, and from the looks of things, thriving quite well.


It actually reminds me a lot of Peeper’s chick.  Hmmm, surely this hen didn’t steal Peeper’s chick?!  That’s an interesting thought!

At any rate, it’s a cute little chick, but then, they always are cute!

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