Growing Older, Not Wiser

June 17, 2009

Yeah, I know.  It’s supposed to be “older AND wiser.”  There’s just one problem with that.  I’m older, but I don’t seem to be wiser.

Nope, this whole wiser thing doesn’t seem to be working out for me.  Maybe the rest of you are faring better.

Granted, I wouldn’t do today some of the things I might have done in my teenage years, when a person thinks they’re invincible and going to live forever.  But that still leaves a whole lot of questionable things that you’d think by now I’d know better, but somehow. . . I just don’t seem to.

I mean, did you ever buy something you think is just going to be absolutely great and it turns out to be a real dud?  It was advertised to do wonderful things that it just doesn’t come close to doing.  Now after all these years you’d think I’d be totally immune to advertising hype, but no, sometimes it seems I’m no wiser.

Or how about reading in your favorite magazine about the latest diet miracle?  It’s GUARANTEED to make you lose 10 pounds in one week.  I know better, I’m smarter than that, but… what if it’s true???

Or I try growing a certain kind of plant that really doesn’t do well in our climate, but I just know that this time it’s going to work… wrong again!

Or here’s one of my downfalls… I open my mouth and tell things that I’d be better off keeping my mouth shut and not mentioning.  I just don’t always think things through and consider what the ramifications might be.

I get interested in a book or movie or something and stay up way later than I should.  I know I need rest, but my brain won’t shut down.  I know I should take my supplements, but I’m bad about forgetting them.  I eat something I know I shouldn’t; it won’t make me sick this time.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!

You get the picture.

So I do all these things that by now you’d figure I’d be smart enough to know NOT to do, or don’t do things that I SHOULD do.

See, I’m older, but not wiser.  Bummer.

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