Where’s Waldo?

January 6, 2012

Here we are, in 2012, and this poor site has been neglected way too long. So what’s that got to do with “Where’s Waldo  you ask???

If you’re not familiar with this series of children’s books, they have a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations showing lots and LOTS of people doing all kinds of things.

The challenge is to find a character named Waldo hidden in the group. He has a distinctive red-and-white striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses to make him slightly easier to recognize, but many illustrations contain “red herrings” involving deceptive use of red-and-white striped objects.

Well, lately this blog has been Waldo.  Only instead of being hidden among a bunch of people, it’s been buried among a bunch of other tasks instead.  Finding it and making time for it has been difficult.  But one of my goals for this new year is to get back to posting here at least once a week, probably on Fridays.  We shall see!  Building a lucrative business, keeping up with farm chores, and I won’t even pretend I”m keeping up with household chores… but it is all difficult on my best days.  And I don’t get near enough of those.

I could go on and on with what’s been happening over the past year and all the reasons I’ve been unable to post here… but I figure enough is enough.  Above is a lengthy enough explanation.  Not to mention there is no way to compress everything that happened into one post!

So for now, here’s one of the latest happenings on the farm: We have a new wood stove!

picture of woodstoveThe Farmer gave it a work-out while he was off work between Christmas and New Year’s.  The first few times the stove was used, we were warned it would smell because of the paint “setting in”.  It did get a little pungent, but hopefully that’s done now so we can enjoy the fire without the smell.

We debated which model to get, and naturally the one with the glass in the front was more expensive… but I’m glad we got it because it’s just nice to be able to look in and see the fire.  Somehow it makes it seem more cozy to see the flames, rather than just feeling the warmth.  I know there’s a psychological quirk there, but that’s how it is.

The Farmer made the hearth, and that was a project indeed!  He still has to put the edging around it, but that has to wait until The Geek and I get the remodeling done in the living room.  We have to tear a wallpaper border off and repaint the walls.  But before we do that we have to move out birdcage, aviary, furniture, etc.  And where to put it in the interim?  And then we have to get someone in to tear up the old carpet and put down new flooring.

Add that to the tasks hiding our “Waldo” blog!

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