There’s A Big Bird High Up in a Tree

March 23, 2015

When I went out to put some mail in the box this morning, I heard a rustle over my head.  I looked up.  Waaayyyyy up!!! Can you guess what I saw?


Turns out there was a big bird high up in the oak tree at the corner of the yard.

pic of big bird in tree

At first I thought it was a buzzard. But then the bird moved and the sun glinted off BLUE feathers. Uh-oh. Only one thing that big it could be…

picture of peacock in tree

Yes indeed, a peacock!

For a while I harbored the vain hope it was a stray. But I could see the size of the tail feathers, and they matched our young peacock.

Sure enough, when I went out to the aviary to look, the peacock had flown the coop, and that is undoubtably him sitting near the top of the tree in our front yard.

So how did he get out? Looks like a rip in the top of some wire over their shed, though he would have had to flown at an angle to get past the wood.

Why? Who knows? For now I’ve got the peahen locked up in the smaller section, and the door open to the aviary. All I can do is hope he’ll decided to come down on his own and go home.

Cause I can assure you, no way *I* can get to the top of that tall tree to go get him!

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