Tornado Aftermath in Alabama

July 15, 2011

Once a tornado has passed through, it’s big news for a while.  The tv, newspapers and most certainly the internet has all kinds of stories and photos about the damage.  But the story dies down and there isn’t usually much long-term coverage about the aftermath… all the time and details for the clean-up!

We weren’t affected that much, but a friend of mine in northern Alabama had some BIG trees toppled by the storms.  All these pictures come from her!  (Thanks RR!)

tornado aftermath damage picture

Taken soon after the tornado damage!

As you can see, they had some big trees down, which barely missed the house!

One fell on their propane tank . . .

tornado aftermath - tree down on propane tank image

Tornado Aftermath – tree down on propane tank

It took a long time before this big oak tree was finally moved out of the way . . .

tornado aftermath - tree down

Now it’s just the skeleton of a very BIG tree!

Finally the tree was cut up in chunks to make it easier for the crews to remove it.

tornado aftermath - tree in ditch

Tree waiting for the removal crews!

And at long last, the crews arrive that remove the debris!

tornado aftermath - removing tree from ditch

The last stage of tornado aftermath – debris removal!

All of this took a long time to accomplish.  Big trees down is bad enough; I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who lost their home!

I feel very fortunate we had so little damage here!

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