Wandering Peachicks and Mourning Peahen

August 16, 2010

Remember the new little peachicks from a few days ago?  (“Peacock, Peahen, Peachicks!“)  They were doing well, but they were a little wayward.  All the little peachicks seem to like to wander.  Instead of sticking close to their mama like the chicken chicks do, they want to go off exploring.

This distresses the mother peahens when the peachicks crawl through the wire and get outside the aviary.  However, most of the time they come right back in.

Not the latest two.

Nope, they got out and would run around until the managed to get over into the chicken pen, then they couldn’t figure out how to get back to their mother.  Friday night I caught them and put them both back with the mama who had been running up and down the length of the aviary crying.  I’ve never heard the peahens cry like that.  Anyway, I thought they’d stick close to their mom through the night.

Well, I was wrong.  Next morning one was back in the chicken pen and the other, well, who knows where it ended up?  I fear it because some predator’s dinner.

I had thought to leave these little peachicks with their mom a few days longer since she was so obviously attached to them.  However, with one gone and the other still prone to wandering, I went ahead and put it in the birdcage with the other peachicks.

That left us with one majorly mourning peahen.  She walked up and down the sides of the aviary.  And she cried.  Lots.

Now that like to have broke my heart. She sounded sooooooo pitiful!

The surviving peachick is doing fine in with the others…

baby peacocks

Quarantine Headquarters

The mama peahen has had a couple of days to adjust and isn’t crying continuously any more.

People who don’t think animals have feelings just flat out do NOT know what they’re talking about.

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