Humming Right Along

August 17, 2010

I was watching hummingbirds this morning while eating breakfast. They are such territorial little critters! It doesn’t matter how much food is in the feeder, they don’t want to share.

There was one young male that was being especially aggressive this morning. He sat on a little tree branch where he could see the feeder.

young male hummingbird

Standing Guard

The red patch on his throat is barely starting to show, but evidently those male hormones are in full swing!  He’d swoop down on any other hummingbird that came close, then hover for a while until he was sure they’d gone.

hummingbird flying

Making it clear it is HIS feeder.

The cardinals are much more sedate, and pay little attention to the hummers.

red bird

Cardinal on Honeysuckle

But me?  I like watching their antics!

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