Tornado Season

April 10, 2009

Spring is one thing, but tornado season comes along at the same time, and that’s quite another thing!

I’ve got the tv on listening to reports of severe thunderstorms, hail the size of softballs, and tornadoes on the ground!

Fortunately, I think the worst has passed us.  Yes, we had a severe thunderstorm.


And we had some hail, though not near the size of softballs.  We didn’t even make it to ping-pong ball size.


And while I didn’t see a tornado, we had LOTS of wind.  I can’t show you the wind, but I can show you one of the effects:

Here’s another view:

The gutter is a wreck, but I’m hopeful that the roof itself is not actually damaged. However, one of the limbs knocked out part of the fence.

Considering a bad tornado went through north of us that did a lot of damage and the reports are that a couple of people were killed, I’d say we were pretty lucky.

But I guess we’d better get used to spending more time in the basement.

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