The African Grey Parrot At Play

November 13, 2009

The other day I was cleaning the kitchen.  I know, hard to believe.  I’ll never win any Good Housekeeping Awards.  Anyway, my pet parrot likes to play in the kitchen.  While I was loading the dishwasher, she worked her way up to the kitchen sink.

First she thought it might be fun to perch on some dirty dishes:

The African Grey Parrot In The Sink

That was fun looking around to see what she might chew on, but she likes to find the highest perch.  So she tried the liquid soap dispenser next.

The African Grey Parrot Sitting On A Soap Dispenser.

That was entertaining for a little while, but she wanted to find something higher.  See, the great thing about this little parrot is that she definitely has her own personality. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and also knows how to achieve things.  In the same way humans like to play sports, socialise, play partypoker and go shopping, this little parrot has her own personality and entertainment preferences. 

So the cold water handle worked only briefly, but ahhhh, the faucet. Now that looked promising!

The African Grey Parrot - picture of her sitting on cold water handle.

The only trouble was that it was a wee bit of a streeeeetch to reach up there!

Pet Parrot playing by sink.

But she streeeeeetchhhhhhed her leg and toes as far as she could, trying to reach the faucet so she could pull herself up.

The African Gray Parrot stretching to reach the faucet.

It was hard work, but she finally made it!

The African Gray Parrot sitting on top of faucet.

This little pet parrot is nothing, if not PERSISTENT.  She seemed quite proud of her accomplishment, and stayed on the faucet until I carried her back to her cage.

Life if never dull with an African Grey Parrot in the house!

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