Guinea Birds and Keets

July 8, 2011

We only have one batch of guinea keets so far this summer.  They are incredibly cute when they are little, but as The Farmer puts it, they are the “opposite of the Ugly Duckling story.”  They grow up to be, well, a little strange looking.

guinea fowl and baby keets image

Mama Guinea, friend & keets

This particular mama guinea started out with 9 keets, but as of this morning I noticed she is down to 5 babies.  sigh…. They aren’t the best mothers in the world.  Or maybe they just believe in tough love and natural selection – “If you can’t keep up, you don’t survive!”  I doubt that thought really penetrates their little minds, but the end result is the same.

Here they are foraging under the bird feeder.  The wild birds really don’t need any seed right now, but they knock cracked corn out all day long, down to the waiting guineas or chickens.  (Manna from heaven!)  It’s a good system, so I refill the feeders.

picture of guinea hen and baby keets

Scrounging for food.

It always tickles me to watch the little keets scratching around, imitating their mama and looking for food.

And have I mentioned they are really cute?

baby guinea keets picture

The 3 Keet-ateers!

There are probably other guineas sitting on nests hidden in tall weeds.  We’ll see if any more surprises appear!

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