More Baby Chickens!

August 5, 2010

Yep, it’s still a chick, chick, here, and a chick, chick there!

These little guys are a few weeks old, but the mama hen has been keeping them in tall weeds in the goat and llamas pen.  That’s actually a pretty smart way to keep them safe.  The dogs patrol around there, and hawks and other flying predators can’t see them down in the dense weeds.

Anyway, she just recently started bringing them in to eat when I throw out corn:

hen and chicks

3 Little Chicks

The building they are in front of is the feed room.  Peepers has been under there for the last month incubating her second batch of chicks for the year.  She only had one the first time, and two this time.

mother chicken with 2 baby chickens

Peepers and her chicks.

I think she gets excited when one hatches out, and quits sitting.  Any viable chicks still in the eggs are left to hatch or not hatch on their own.

What little chicks she does have, she takes very good care of them.

baby chicken

Hey, this ones got racing stripes!


baby chicken

Plain white.. probably a rooster.

The chickens are much better mothers than the guineas.  Here the guineas had 3 adults watching after the little keets, and still can’t manage to take care of them.  I think they’ve got 3 left.  One of the problems is that they just keep running off and leave little ones behind that can’t keep up.

baby guinea bird

One lonely little keet.

In years past they’ve usually done pretty well, but this crew seems particularly inept.  It’s beginning to look like if any more keets are hatched out and I want them to survive, I’m going to have to take them away from the parents and put them in a pen like I’m doing with the peachicks.  Which is pretty sorry when there are all these adult guineas who ought to be able to look after a few babies.

Never a dull moment on the farm.



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