Guinea Fowl Family

July 22, 2010

The three guinea hens are running around now with 8 little keets.  I can see them far off in the field, running through the grass.

guinea fowl

3 head swivel towards me when I get too close!

The baby guinea keets have to really struggle to run through the grass on their short legs and keep up with the adults.

Guinea fowl

Run, run, as fast as you can!

You can see how hard the little ones work in this video…. but ignore all the wind sound please!

The little pale gray one is still hanging in there with the rest.

guinea fowl

Baby Guinea Keets in Grass

They have gotten brave enough these days to bring the babies in when we throw out feed.

Guinea Fowl Birds

Chow time!

It certainly doesn’t take long for the baby guinea keets to learn to eat corn and bugs and everything else they see the hens eat!

baby guinea birds

Food, glorious food!

Which is, of course, a good thing or the babies would soon starve!

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