Home Again!

April 27, 2010

Yes, we made it home.  Actually, we got home Sunday afternoon, but I’ve been mega-busy trying to catch up on stuff.  When you’ve been gone for 9 days, and spent a few days before that getting ready to go… there are LOTS of things needing attention!

We had a great time of course!  We even made a stop at the Okefenokee Swamp on the way down to Florida, and got to see lots of gators!

However, our main purpose of the visit was to see this little girl. . .

Our Little Mermaid

and her mom and dad, and all the Sanford clan, plus Randy too!   We had a bunch of family in one place, and it will probably be a long, long time before it happens again.

Anyway, I’ll be putting the pictures up in batches, cause there are too many for one post!  so stay tuned!

Back Home Again

February 22, 2010

Yes, I’m back home again, at least for a few weeks. It’s always a little disconcerting to be somewhere far from home one day, and then the next day you’re back home doing your usual chores.

I enjoyed the visit of course! Miss Ellie is doing quite well physically. Here she is out walking one beautiful morning.

At her therapy sessions, they are trying to progress to her walking with canes.  These canes have a tripod base to make them more stable, but the first time Ellie tried to use them, of course it didn’t go fantastically well.  So on the way home from therapy, she voiced the opinion: “Those canes don’t work very good.”

Funny girl.

Our Little Valentine

February 12, 2010

I thought it was about time for an Ellie update. . .

She and her folks are in Florida. Ellie is already using her walker and getting about. She did that within days of having surgery.

She is also doing therapy at two different places now. The girl is working HARD!!!

But being in Orlando, sometimes a kid needs a break, and what better place than Disney? In this picture, she’s having lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

I’m flying down on Wednesday to see her and her folks. Can’t wait!

Ellie Update

January 29, 2010

Ellie is doing much better now.  Yesterday she even got to sit up, and get in her special stroller and wheel around the hospital for a little while.

Here the physical therapist is stretching her legs and checking them out.

Ellie getting physical therapy after SDR surgery (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy).

For continued updates, try “Helping Ellie Walk.”  It’s also linked to her mom’s blog about this surgery, and to Ellie’s Cheerleaders page on Facebook.

Thanks for all your concern!

Imagine. . .

January 28, 2010

Imagine you are 4 years old.

Imagine after they poked a needle in your arm and hooked you up to a bag with a tube, then put a mask on your face and you went to sleep, THEN you woke up to find the guy you asked “is it okay if you fix my legs?’ really did a number on you while you were asleep.  The bottom part of your spine has been sliced open.  Because he fiddled with the nerves, they are now hypersensitive.

You must stay flat in bed.

The first night after surgery you have spasms in your back muscles.  The pain medicine is making you sick to your stomach and you are throwing up.  But remember, you have to stay flat on your back!

That’s how Ellie ended up spending her first night after surgery.  Can you imagine being 4 years old and wondering why all this is happening to you?  Sure, you wanted the guy to fix your legs, but what’s with all the pain and sickness???  My heart aches for her and her mama who spent the night with her and had to watch her little one suffer.

Fortunately, they finally found a pain med she could take that did NOT make her sick, and her day was better than her night, at least at last report.

Poor little girl.  Hopefullly she will sleep better tonight.