Children on the Farm

June 3, 2010

In this particular instance, GRANDchild on the farm.

Ellie and her parents are headed back to Canada.  In fact, she and her Dad flew out of Nashville yesterday and made it home about 9pm last night.  Ellie’s mom is driving the car back, so it will be a while before she makes it all the way home, especially since she’s stopping in Minneapolis to see friends.

It’s been really great having them one non-stop flight away, and I took full advantage of it to go see them several times this spring.  But it had been well over a year since they had last visited the farm.  In fact, it was February 2009, and I have a post with pictures from then in “The Cutest Little Cowgirl.”

Ellie and her dad went out to help with chores one morning.  Not being around animals very much, Ellie isn’t too sure what to make of them.  She was willing to throw corn out to the chickens and watch them come hustling up, and maybe even liked the baby chickens.

And she was fascinated with the peacock strutting his stuff and rattling his feathers to make a racket.  Now when we ask her about what the peacock does, she shakes her head to imitate his ruffling his feathers, which is pretty funny.

But the llamas?  Well, gosh, they’re BIG!  Although Miss CrankyPants Keira is fascinated with little kids and was on her best behavior, Ellie still wasn’t too sure about this much-bigger-than-her critter.

Ellie and Keira, the llama, checking each other out.

It was okay if Daddy wanted to feed that furry monster, but just don’t get TOO close!

"Dad, are you SURE that thing is safe?"

Even with lots of reassurances, Ellie wasn’t buying into the idea that wooly critter was safe.

"Look me in the eye now and tell me the truth!"

Then when our nosy little goat joined in to check Ellie out, that was just too much for her!


Having animals trying to sniff her and nibble on her, and just getting up too close and personal was a little much for Miss Ellie.

She much preferred the company of  “Hey Ewe!” . . .

"This soft critter is more like it!"

We sure enjoyed visiting, and it’s rather sad to have them so far away again. 

But Ellie did great with her surgery and subsequent therapy.  She’ll have more therapy this summer, then starts school in the fall.  Wow.

Grandchildren grow up much too quickly!

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