Stick Tight Dogs!

October 3, 2013

Act I: The Dogs Go Walkabout

Yesterday morning the dogs and I went walking, as usual.  What was NOT usual was the results.

It started out fine.  The dogs went down the path then off through the field.

They’ve done that every time we walk out in the back pasture.

picture of black dog and white dog

And also as usual, they had to practically swim through the weeds.


Sometimes they disappeared altogether!

Act II: A Sticky Mess

What happened next was NOT usual.  For out of the weeds came this stickered-up black dog. . .

pic of farm collie

That was bad enough, but what popped out of the weeds next was a REAL MESS. . .  a little creature plopped down at my feet that looked like this:

pic of Maremma pup


pic of maremma pup

She was plastered with sticktights from Tick Trefoil.  If you’ve never seen them on a plant, they look like this:


And if you’ve never seen them up close on a Maremma sheepdog pup, it looks like this:

pic of pup with sticktights

Ai yi yi!  It’s gonna take a month to get them all out of that soft, silky fur!

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