Puppy Love

October 1, 2013

Puppies are a lot of work.  A LOT of WORK.  But I’ll have to admit it. . . I’ve got a bad case of puppy love.

Just look at this sweet little face!

picture of Maremma sheepdog puppy

Even when she’s been trying to dig the proverbial hole to China and has a dirty nose, she’s still cute!

And yes, you can still see a shadow remnant of her bindi.  It looks more pink than purple now, and is slowly fading away.

Meeting All the Animals

She has been busy meeting all the other animals on the farm.

pic of maremma pup and turkeys
She’s met all the fowl creatures: the turkeys, guineas, what few chickens are left.

And she’s met the llama and goat, who have taken a long time to warm up to her.  When she first got here, she was classified as a “stray dog” to them, and they HATE stray dogs!!  But now they seek out her company, and will come into her area, and often lay in the sun close to where she is.

pic of Maremma pup and farm animals

In the above pic, she’s busy digging a better hole to rest in, while the other critters rest in the shade as well.

Who’s Top Dog?

But her favorite buddy, no contest, is our farm collie, Toby.  She’d follow him anywhere… and often does!

pic of farm collie & Maremma sheepdog pup

It doesn’t matter if he’s going through weeds that are way over her head, she’s usually right behind him.

However, once in a while she gets sidetracked and busy sniffing at something, then she has to RUN to catch up!

pic of Maremma pup running

(Have I mentioned how incredibly CUTE she is???)

Sometimes when we are out walking, she hides in the weeds alongside the path, ready to jump out at Toby.

pic of Maremma pup in weeds

Of course, he always knows she is there, but most of the time he puts up with her jumping out and bouncing all around him and on him.

pic of farm collie & maremma pup

The only time he gets really bent out of shape is when she keeps biting his tail, and hangs on.

pic of maremma pup and farm collie dog

That earns her a growl, and if she persists, she’s eventually going to get rolled on the ground!  (Then Toby looks at me to see if he’s going to get in trouble… it’s good to be alpha, ha!)

But most of the time they are pretty good buds, just walking along side-by-side.

pic of farm collie and Maremma

It didn’t happen overnight, and Toby still has his moments where he gives me that sad-eyed look of, “Did you really have to get this thing???”… but mostly they get along pretty well now.

Whether Toby knows it or not, she thinks he’s the greatest!

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