Meet Lieutenant Natasha “Tasha” Yar

September 4, 2013

The winner of the “Which Maremma Sheepdog puppy should I choose” contest  is. . .

picture of Maremma pup

Miss Purple Bindi, shown above on her way home.

Yes, Miss Purple Bindi seemed like just the right choice for our little farm. Finding the right choice for a name was a different matter!

I pored through names in Greek and other mythology.  Some appealed to me, like the Kermode Spirit Bear, but the names just didn’t lend themselves well to the situation, or shorten to a nickname that was easily used either.

The Farmer had a book of biblical names, and we looked through that.  Nope, same problem.

Lieutenant Tasha YarI thought about some of my favorite fiction book series, but still wasn’t coming up with anything that sounded right.

Then I got to thinking about Star Wars and Star Trek kind of names… looking through a list of characters, I was reminded of Lieutenant Natasha “Tasha” Yar, Chief of Security in the first seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Yes!  Just the thing… a strong female, and a security officer.

So now we have our own Lieutenant Natasha “Tasha” Yar, Chief of Security (in training) on our FarmShip enterprise.

I like the name Tasha, I like the person behind the name, and her vocation is so RIGHT.  Win win win!

Traveling Homeward

Our voyage home took two days, and a lot of stops at Rest Stops along the way. Here’s Tasha and The Farmer getting a little exercise in the motel parking lot. . .

picture of maremma sheepdog puppy

She thought running was great fun… I think The Farmer wore out before she did.

Introductions Are In Order

Tasha has lots of critters to meet here on the farm, but the first and most important was to meet her co-worker, Toby.

pic of Maremma pup and adult Farm collie

I was afraid Toby might be a little rough, and was cautioning him to “Be Easy!”  But instead it was Tasha who fluffed up her fur and barked at Toby.  He got this look of, “She’s kidding, right?”  . . . like he couldn’t believe this little creature was growling at him.

It was pretty funny!

They seem to be getting along well now, though Tasha keeps inviting Toby to PLAY, and he just doesn’t seem to get in the spirit of things.  If he were human, he’d probably be rolling his eyes, but instead I get these long-suffering doggie looks… “Was it REALLY necessary to bring this thing home???”

I tell him it’s Payback Time, cause Neffie did the same sort of thing when we first brought him home.  They ended up as the best of friends, so I’m hoping he and Tasha will do the same.

In the meantime. . . the FarmShip Academy is now in session.

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