Slug And Eggs

October 5, 2009

Slug and eggs . . .  kind of sounds like some weird breakfast, doesn’t it?

Maybe I should have titled this:

Mrs. Jabba The Hut & Future Offspring

Whatever you want to call it, I was refilling water bowls Friday and picked one up to empty the old water out first.  That’s when I discovered the space underneath had become an incubator.  I actually caught the slug in the act of laying eggs.

Slug Laying Eggs

I checked again this morning, and evidently the egg laying part is over, but apparently the slug is sticking around to stand guard.

Slug With Eggs

Considering all the damage slugs inflict on my hostas, I suppose I ought to eradicate this batch, but I’m kind of interested to see if they actually hatch out.

Naturalist vs. Gardener.  Never know which one is going to win out.

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