Remembering Toby: The Later Years

June 3, 2016

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, and in many ways I think that’s true. In my last post I had pictures of Toby that were taken from 2005 through 2009. You could see he was full of vim and vigor then, with running and jumping all the time.

He never lost his passion for carrying sticks or getting into water And he often made us laugh, which is a very precious commodity indeed. For instance, his penchant for trying to bark at the wheels moving on a hand truck while still holding a stick in his mouth always struck us as funny.

But the years passed and time wears things down, and Toby was no exception. He got gray around his eyes and muzzle, had arthritis in his joints, and just generally slowed down.

pic of dog

Here are some pictures taken during Toby’s later years. He still loved to carry around sticks, follow us everywhere, and took his job very seriously of barking at the thunder to make it go away. And he always loved to play in water!

[supsystic-gallery id=6] Now that he is gone, Tasha has lost her buddy. One of my 3 walking companions is gone. There is no one to walk to the mailbox with me. I don’t see any bright eyes shining on the other side of the fence by the driveway when we come home from the grocery store. There’s no stick-tight dog beside me when I go out at night to check on the critters.

His presence was woven throughout our daily lives and I miss that.

Though his body may be in that final resting place, I prefer to think of his spirit as having walked off into the sunset. . .

pic of dog in woods
Good-bye my great friend. I miss you.

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