A Farm Collie Pup To Love

May 26, 2016

I’ve been looking through old pictures I took through the years of our farm collie, Toby.
They’re all I have left now since we lost him last Friday.
They’re not nearly enough. 🙁

pic of farm collie pup

Still, it brings back sweet memories to see him as a pup and through all the years he was with us.
pic of farm collie pup
He was such a dear companion. He was my protector and The Farmer’s buddy. Whatever we were doing, he was right there in the middle of the action.

It’s a long story how I came to get this particular puppy, but short version is a friend on a homesteading list I was on knew someone with farm collie pups, and after a lot of emails back and forth, it was settled. We were getting a puppy from Pennsylvania!

He was arrived in Huntsville in August of 2004 by plane. After I picked him up at the airport, I took him over to The Farmer’s office for him to have a look see…

And while we there, we gave that thirsty pup some water!

Then I took home and began introducing him to all the other animals on the farm.

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He was one cute puppy and grew up to be a handsome dog that we all loved!

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