Just a Dog

June 10, 2016

Just A Dog
Just a Dog picture

I lost my dog.
It grieves my heart
And makes me very sad.
The tears fall freely down my face
For the furry friend I had.

Then there are those who do not care.
Here are the words they say:
“Don’t grieve so much, it’s just a dog!
How silly to act that way.”

It’s just a dog! How well I know
He was so much more than that.
A loyal friend that loved me true
When by my side he sat.

He shared my life and made me smile,
Oh, the happy times we had!
He loved our walks and fun and play
And cheered me when I was sad.

Don’t chide me now when you see tears
Because my heart is sore.
Dogs share our lives and give us love. . .
Who could ask for anything more?

He was NEVER “just a dog!”

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