Rats & Chicks

June 3, 2011

Well, Rats…

So remember me talking about clearing rats out of the feedroom back in February?  They made a stinking mess (literally), and chewed up a years worth of peacock feathers to making nesting material, and ate who knows how much of the peafowl’s food.  I finally realized they were even getting into the bag of large-sized dog bone treats, and munching their way through those as well.

Anyway, we cleaned out the mess in the feed room, and everything was put in metal cans.  That included putting any peafowl food that didn’t get eaten during the day into a metal can at night (sorry guys, no more midnight snacks).

The Cave Geek wondered at the time where the rats would go, and hoped they didn’t try the house.  Wish he hadn’t said that.  Because guess where at least some of them eventually ended up?

Yup, we’ve been hearing critters run through the ductwork in the house at night.  They chewed holes to get inside it.  Then I noticed the peacock feathers I’d put on the back porch, along with the dog food and dog treats, were all being decimated.

Saturday The Farmer picked up the big flower pot full of peacock feathers and 3 rats ran out of it.  Not the little mice I thought were running through the ducts.  Nope, it was the rats again.

Well rats indeed.

More metal cans, and sorry Toby, but no midnight snacks for you either!

However, I didn’t want the rats to go hungry.  So I put out a container of D-Con.
Next morning it was all gone.  So I put out two more.
Next morning those were gone as well.
So I put out two more!

This went on until yesterday I saw a dead rat in the back yard.  But I knew he had at least two buddies, so kept putting out a couple packets of rat poison pellets every evening.  (Yes, I was sure they were where Toby wouldn’t get in them.)

And this morning when I went out to do chores, I saw this on the back porch steps:

rat picture

And at the bottom of the steps, another. . .

dead rat picture

Well, it would seem snarfing up all that D-Con must have given them more than indigestion.  Now isn’t that just too bad?  (NOT!)

What about the chicks?

Yes, I did mention chicks.  Defintely more on the more pleasant, fun side.  We’ve got four new little ones.  The mama hen brought them out the other morning when I was throwing out corn. . .

ewe sheep and baby chickens

“What have we here?”

Our chubby oldest ewe was apparently fascinated by the little things.

The next morning the mama hen had them out under one of the bird feeders.  The chickens like to eat up anything the wild birds knock out of the feeder and onto the ground.

baby chickens picture

Two Cute Chicks

I love the way the mama hen looks after her chicks.  I especially like to hear them clucking to call the little chicks to them.  It always makes me smile.

mama chicken and baby chicks picture

“I love you!”

They are so cute!  And unlike the guineas who never pay much attention to see if their babies are keeping up, the mama hen keeps track of her little ones.

hen and chicks picture

“Come along little chicks!”

No doubt about it, give me chicks over rats any day!

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