It may be September, but it’s not fall yet!

September 8, 2010

The calendar tells me it’s already September 8th, and we are rushing towards not only fall, but winter.  The time is going by TOO FAST!

However, it still looks like summer around here.  The butterflies are still drinking nectar from the butterfly bushes and other flowering plants.

black butterfly

Enjoying nectar from a bi-color butterfly bush.

And I still see bees gathering pollen, like this big old bumblebee. . .

bumblebee on flower

Still foraging for food.

And the hummingbirds are still hanging around the feeder.

male hummingbird

Sitting near the pole where the feeder is hanging. . .

However, I relocated their nemesis, the praying mantis, after discovering that they could indeed catch and kill a hummingbird.  I never thought about them using their foreleg as spear!  I figure there are plenty of bugs and stuff the praying mantis could eat without having to dine on the hummers.

So all these summer creatures are still busy flitting around and gathering food.  Plus the grass is still green, and I know we’ve still got some hot days ahead of us.

But fall is coming, and it’s my second favorite season of the year!

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