Parrot Play & Pranks

September 24, 2010

Our African Grey Parrot likes to wander around making me often wonder what she’s up to.  She’s quite the explorer.  She especially likes to investigate little enclosed spaces.

photo of parrot

"What 'cha got in there?"

One of her favorite things is to fly from the top of her cage clear down the hallway and into my office and land on my writing desk.

photo of parrot

"What should I chew on first?"

Of course I don’t let her stay there long because she likes to chew up notebooks and pencils.  A LOT.

Even on her cage she manages to find trouble.  Like the nearby curtain. I try to keep it pulled back out of her way, and even put a clothespin on it to hold it in place, but she keep swinging and stretching until she can finally reach it . . .

pic of parrot

"Ha, ha, I got ahold of it!"

picture of parrot

"Hmmm, wonder if I could climb that?"

photo of African Grey parrot

"Can I climb that? Why, yes I can!"

It’s not like she doesn’t have lots of toys to play with in her cage and on her play gym.  She even likes to chew up old egg cartons.

pic of parrot


But parrot toys really don’t interest her.  Besides egg cartons, she likes to chew up old phone books, or play with old pill bottles.

photo of African grey parrot

"This is MINE!"

I think her infatuation with pill bottles is rather appropriate, since she’s somewhat of a pill herself.  Some days she gets into so much mischief I’m ready to throw her out the door.

She knows when she’s in trouble.  And she survives by piping up at the last moment and saying something like, “Silly bird. I loooove you.”

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