Our llama likes maypops!

November 8, 2010

There were a lot of passionflower vines growing on the fence around our garden this year.  The Farmer decided to gather up some of the fruit and let it dry out so he could save the seeds.  He got mabye 18 or so and put them on top of the wellhouse roof to dry.

Well, it seems the wellhouse roof is just the right height for a llama table.  Further, it would seem that after the inital taste-testing … licking, nibbling and finally eating one… that our llama decided she really likes maypops!

picture of llama eating maypops

Whatever these are, they sure taste good!

They do smell really good!  The first time I saw her eating them, she just ate a few.  Then I saw her eat a few more later in the day.

picture of llama eating maypops

Most delicious!

I saw her eating them 4 different times.  I happened by the dining room window last night when she was eating the last bunch.

Yes, she ate every last one of them!  Then she licked the roof and nudged the board around trying to see if there were any more.

picture of llama eating maypops.

There must be some more somewhere!

But no, she got every last smidgen of them.  I told The Farmer if he wants any of his maypop seeds he’s going to have to follow the llama around and get them after they’ve been processed!

But he informed me there were a few maypops that dropped to the ground before he picked the rest, so probably will get some vines from those.

Don’t understand why he doesn’t want to be sure and get those seeds! 🙂

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