Chickens Roosting in a Tree

November 9, 2010

With the time change, it gets dark so early, sometimes I am busy working and forget to go out and do chores until it’s almost dark.  And don’t get me started on the time change thing, because I have definite opinions as to how it’s the biggest waste of time (ha!).  It’s a nuisance to have to shift your sleep patterns back and forth every few months, for instance.  And studies have been done that show it does NOT save energy, and really, I can’t think of any good reason to do it.

Okay, that’s my rant with some of the reasons I don’t like the time change thing.  Now back my regularly scheduled story!

It was almost dark before I got chores done last night.  The sun was setting and a little sliver of the moon was shining brightly.

picture of sunset

Toby sat and chewed on a stick while I enjoyed the scenery.

picture of sunset

Then I saw the chickens flying up to roost in their tree. 

picture of chickens roosting in tree

Chickens roosting in tree at sunset.

Not all of the chickens roost in this tree.  The rest of the chickens are either in the sheep shed or a few even roost inside the chicken coop.  But a few end up in the catalpa tree here:

picture of sunset and chickens in tree

Getting ready for a good night's sleep in a tree.

I wouldn’t think it’d be such a good spot since the leaves are gone and it’s getting cold, but they seem to stick with it no matter what the weather.

When I throw out feed, or when the chickens and guineas roost or night are about the only times they mingle.  Here one of the guineas flew up to the shed roof then is walking over to the tree to join the chickens.

photo of sunset and tree

Guinea walking on roof over to tree.

A few more guineas roost in that tree, while the rest either roost on top of the chicken coop or high up in the big walnut trees in the back yard.

Heaven forbid they should all go in the chicken coop at night!

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