On the tenth day of Christmas . . .

January 4, 2011

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . .


Ten squirrels leaping,


picture of little girl ballerinas

The Ninth Day of Christmas

Nine grandkids dancing,

The Eighth Day of Christmas

Eight maids a-cleaning,


picture of spotted garden eels
The Seventh Day of Christmas

Seven EELS a-peeking,

picture of guinea birds
The Sixth Day of Christmas.

Six Guineas Preening,


5 Canning Rings!
The Fifth Day of Christmas

Five canning rings!


picture of baby birds dressed up for christmas
The Fourth Day of Christmas

Four Calling Birds,


picture of ewes with hats
The Third Day of Christmas

Three Fat Sheep,

picture of two llamas
The Second Day of Christmas

Two Spitting Llamas,

picture of parrot with santa hat
The first day of Christmas!

… And a Parrot on a Fairrryyyyy!.

New Style, cost of 10 squirrels leaping: $0.00

Old (Classic) Style, cost of 10 Lords a-leaping: $98.00

.Squirrels.  We have lots of them.  They are leaping all over the yard.  Off the fences.  Through the trees.  On the roof.

Squirrels are abundant.  No cost there. 

However, the ten lords a-leaping is another matter.  Where would you see lords a-leaping…. I thought about it a while.  Where to see lords a-leaping??
Aha!  Riverdance!
Tickets to see a performance of Riverdance in Mobile, Alabama, were $98.  And if they do this one:
Well, there are TEN lords a-leaping. (Hey, besides a lot of tapping, they did some leaping there at the end!)
So that takes care of the 10 Lords a-leaping!

Total to date:
New Style – $6,645.89
Classic Style – $12,723.74

Classic Style is still almost twice what it is for the Country Style, or new way of doing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

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