On the twelfth day of Christmas . . .

January 6, 2011

Here we are, on Epiphany and the 12th day of Christmas. 
What did our true love out here in the country send to us today? 

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . .

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

.Twelve peacocks prancing. . .


The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Eleven roosters crowing,


The Tenth Day of Christmas

Ten squirrels leaping,


picture of little girl ballerinas

The Ninth Day of Christmas

Nine grandkids dancing,

The Eighth Day of Christmas

Eight maids a-cleaning,


picture of spotted garden eels
The Seventh Day of Christmas

Seven EELS a-peeking,

picture of guinea birds
The Sixth Day of Christmas.

Six Guineas Preening,


5 Canning Rings!
The Fifth Day of Christmas

Five canning rings!


picture of baby birds dressed up for christmas
The Fourth Day of Christmas

Four Calling Birds,


picture of ewes with hats
The Third Day of Christmas

Three Fat Sheep,

picture of two llamas
The Second Day of Christmas

Two Spitting Llamas,

picture of parrot with santa hat
The first day of Christmas!

… And a Parrot on a Fairrryyyyy!.


New (Country) Style, cost of 12 peacocks prancing: $1,500.00 

Old (Classic) Style, cost of 12 drummers drumming: $4,800.00 

Here on the farm we enjoy watching our peacocks dance and drum on the ground for the lady peahens.  And they rattle their feathers until it sounds like maracas.  You can hear it in this video right at the beginning, and again  towards the middle:


It takes a couple of years before a peacock has big enough tailfeathers to make much of an impression on the ladies.  So for our prancing peacocks, we need to buy adults, not chicks.  I found some for sale at Legg’s Peafowl Farm for $125 each.  We need 12, so that’s 12 x $125 = $1,500.00 total. 

As for the drummers, once again I went to Gigmasters.com and looked for the appropriate performer.  The drummers are listed under “Percussionists” and I was surprised to see how many there are.  I was afraid it would be difficult to find solo drummers, but there are many Caribbean Steel Drummers.  

Checking prices, I found to hire a steel drummer for a Christmas party costs $400, so for 12 of them it’s 12 x $400 = $4,800.00 total. 

Here’s a rundown of the costs for the entire 12 days: 

Day Old Song Style Cost New Country Style Cost
1  partridge in pear tree $  53.00  Parrot on a fairy $ 820.00
2  2 turtle doves $380.00  2 spitting llamas $400.00
3  3 French hens $  30.00  3 fat sheep $750.00
4  4 calling birds $   0.00  4 calling birds $   0.00
5  5 gold rings $1,070.00  5 canning rings $   1.70
6  6 geese a-laying $  52.74  6 guineas preening $  28.20
7  7 swans a-swimming $7,000.00  7 eels a-peeking $  49.99
8  8 maids a-milking $2,240.00  8 maids a-cleaning $600.00
9  9 ladies dancing $1,800.00  9 grandkids dancing $3,996.00
10  10 lords a-leaping $  98.00  10 squirrels leaping $   0.00
11  11 pipers piping $3,300.00  11 roosters crowing $  55.00
12  12 drummers drumming $4,800.00  12 peacocks prancing $1,500.00

No doubt about it, the old style of doing things spoken of in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song is much more expensive than my new country style of things my true love has actually bought me here on the farm (just not so many of each item!).

So next year at Christmas time, you can tell your true love if you want the classic or the new country style gifts for 12 days!

I think I’ll stick with a country Christmas.

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