Maremma Dogs

August 22, 2003

Maremma dogs come from Italy.  They were bred to guard livestock.  They’re not as commonly known or used in the states as a Great Pyrenees, but are a great breed of dog when you can find one!

maremma dogs

Maremma Dog Breed Profile

The Maremma Sheepdog originated in the Italian Alps. It is a race that has a tremendous capacity to work in higher elevations. For many hundreds of years, the life of sheep, the shepherds and the Maremma dogs guarding the flock has been structured the seasons. From June to October the herds would be moved to the high country in the mountains of Abruzzo and from October to June they descended into the plains and the rolling pastures of the Maremma.

The work of the Maremma has always been that of a livestock protector and herding dog, being of great value for the Italian peasants as they moved with their herds of mountain goats and sheep through the pastures, not only livestock but also to protect the herd against predators. The Maremma has the ability to work independently as a protector of the herd and is distinguished by its high intelligence. Some dogs are protective remained firm and gradually became the Maremma is also known as the big white dog who frequented the fine houses of Tuscany as a companion and watchdog.

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The Maremma is a large white dog with profuse and abundant coat. It might confuse the dog with the Pyrenees or the Kuvasz, extract the head of the Maremma is much larger in proportion to the body and is actually very similar to the polar bear, conical in shape and mass. In general large white dogs are dogs herds in Central Europe and the Alps, the Maremma is probably the race that this thinking is the most independent and one of the dogs considered a very protective dog, working in the dual role of guardian of the flock and Herder.

The Maremma is a large breed, standing 24 inches at the withers, with a thick layer that is all white with perhaps a shade of ivory or biscuit on the ears. The hair must be regularly maintained. The correct coat should be weather resistant, providing protection against the sun and cold, it’s a dog that should not be shaved.

The Maremma has always been around people, although its existence has been isolated, it is a race that will not do well without a man, to protect or work alongside. It’s a dog that wants to work for his master, but also can be difficult for a dog obedience commands simple, since it is a “thinker” and bored with repetition. They are extremely loyal, considered a dog of a person, devoted and protective yet proud and dignified. It’s a dog that needs a knowledgeable owner, since it is not inclined to be obedient, but is more likely to be a little stubborn and strong will.

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