Hatching Eggs of Quail

November 13, 2005

Hatching Eggs from Quail Birds. . .
hatching eggsQuail are a common type of gamebird.  Many people raise them as an additional income on the homestead, or just as a hobby.  Sometimes it’s a little bit of both!

Whatever the reason you have for wanting quail, if you want to hatch the eggs you need to know the best way to do it.  The following article has hints and tips for getting the best hatch rate from incubating quail eggs.

Hatching Quail Eggs – Important Tips to Facilitate Egg Hatching

hatching-quailIn the food industry bird eggs are commonly used in many dishes. They are known for their versatility and are very important in modern food business. Bird eggs that are usually used include eggs of duck, chicken, goose, emu, quail, gulls and ostrich just to name a few.

In fact, quail eggs are a delicacy in many countries. They are considered to be a gourmet ingredient.

Quail eggs can be obtained from local farmers, luxury grocery shops or poultry owners. Quail eggs can be used raw or in cooked form in sushi. Many countries you will find that a hard-boiled quail egg are used as a topping over hamburgers or hotdogs. Due to its universal and exotic appeal hatching quail eggs is a lucrative activity.

Firstly, you will need an incubator that can be used to hatch quail eggs. Try and go in for an incubator that does not require any external ventilation. In fact you must prefer an incubator that has ventilating holes to circulate the air within. This area is like a refuge and safe place to the eggs in the mother’s absence. Eggs are hatched and rested in the incubator.

[affmage source=”ebay” results=”7″]incubators[/affmage] When you are hatching quail eggs, place the eggs with the nose down in the incubator. This means that the small side must face downwards. For an equal incubation on both sides you could turn the eggs twice or thrice during the day. Eggs create their own energy and this energy is used for hatching. Maintain sixty five percent humidity in the incubator and ensure that the temperature is appropriate. Quail eggs take anywhere between twenty two to twenty five days for hatching.

The following tips will help you to hatch quail eggs:

1) Do not add too much water to the machine else it will raise the humidity. An advice here to you is that do not add any water during the incubation process.

2) If you have a still air machine you must set the temperature at 38.5-39 Celsius or 103.1-102.2 degree Fahrenheit. In case your machine has a fan that helps to circulate air, the temperature should be 38 Celsius or 100.4 degree Fahrenheit. You must keep a check on the temperature and at the same time do not adjust it several times once the eggs are in.

3) Before you place the eggs in the incubator let them stand at room temperature for a few hours.

4) Regularly turn the eggs for equal incubation. It is ideal to turn them once in the morning, once in the afternoon and lastly once in the evening. In case your incubator has an automatic turning machine ensure that it is working fine. After the fifteenth day you must not turn the eggs.

5) After 6 days it is possible to check fertility of the eggs with the help of a candling lamp. The embryo must be clearly visible and red in color. After 14 days in case the eggs have become fertile, there will not be light passing through. Take proper care to see that eggs are not overheated in the testing process. Another point to be noted is that it is not necessary that if they are fertile they will all make it out of the shell.

6) Do not open the incubator after the 15th day. Let the baby chicks dry out completely before you remove them.

7) Clean the machine properly after every hatch. The above tips will benefit you a lot and surely help you in hatching quail eggs.

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Hatching Eggs of Quail

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