Rooster Farms

February 15, 2006

With so many roosters running around, it like rooster farms around here.

We have red roosters. . .

And we have Polish Silver Laced roosters, mostly black and white. . .

One only needs so many roosters on a farm…. gets to be too much testosterone other wise.

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And we have some all white roosters. . .

There are just so many different colored roosters, and so many roosters period!  We could be the poster child for rooster farms.

But we really don’t need so many roosters. It’s time to get rid of some of them. We only end up with so many because it seems when hens sit and the eggs hatch… too many of them turn out to be little roosters instead of some nice little hens!

Rooster Crowing While Standing on Back of Llama

Some of our roosters are downright cheeky. This one likes to stand on the back of one of our llamas, and crow his heart out!

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