Turkey Trot Babies

June 28, 2013

Turkey, Turkeys Everywhere!

We put some turkey eggs in the incubator this spring, not knowing if they were Wild Turkey or Bourbon Red Turkey eggs.  I also chunked an egg in there we weren’t totally sure about… it was in the turkey pen, but looked like a chicken egg.  I thought a hen was under the feed room laying eggs, that then the egg rolled into the turkey pen.

Turns out I was right.  Here’s a picture of the hatch from those eggs, taken on May 25th.

picture of baby turkeys

The one in the front that is looking at the camera and has black wings is a chicken chick, and the other 4 are turkey poults.  (If you don’t see the 4th turkey baby right off, look under the stuffed animal in back.)

Now that bunch has become gangly teenagers, and moved out into a cage in the backyard.

picture of turkey teens

Turkey Teens

It looks like those are all Bourbon Red turkeys, with one mixed-breed chicken.

About Those Turkeys Everywhere. . .

But wait! That’s not all!

While on one hand the foxes decimated our adult turkey population, leaving us with only the two tom turkeys…. we were fortunate enough to have gathered turkey eggs again before our hens become fox food.

These four just hatched out on Sunday.

picture of newly hatched turkeys

From the looks of it, there are 3 wild and 1 Bourbon Red turkey poult.  I only keep them in the incubator a short while, then move them to a brooder box.

Here’s a picture I took of them just a while ago. . .

picture of turkey poults

They love perching on their teddy bear during the day, and hiding under it at night.

Did I Mention Turkey, Turkeys, Everywhere?

That’s right, there’s more!

This morning I looked in the incubator and there are two more baby turkeys!

picture of baby turkeys in incubator

We were picking up an egg here and there until June 6th, so there may still be another one or two eggs hatch.  However, at present the count is:

  • 2 Adult Tom Turkeys
  • 4 Turkey Teens
  • 6 Turkey Poults

If my math is correct, looks like we have a dozen turkeys!  We only had 5 adults previously, so even with losing some turkeys, we still have more than ever before.

Okay Farmer… what are we going to do with all these turkeys???

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