Guinea Nest

June 2, 2010

Actually, we have several guineas on several nests.  I know where three of the nests are, but you can bet there are more out in the tall grass and weeds.

There is a trio of guineas nesting out in the llamas pen.  They usually have a couple of hens sitting on the nest, and another guinea that sort of stands guard.  There are about 3 dozen eggs in this nest.

LOTS of eggs!

They didn’t like me up close, so for a while, they left the nest.

3 Noisy Guineas

There are also a couple of nests in the flower bed that encircles a big oak tree in the front yard.  I see one on a nest hidden in tall plants. . .

Guinea fowl sitting on a nest.

While there are two sitting on another nest…

Two guinea fowl on nest

There is usually another guinea fowl or two wandering around close.

No telling how many will actually hatch out eggs.  They are prone to sit a long time, then leave before they actually hatch out keets.  But enough of them DO stay on the nest that we usually have a population explosion…

We shall see!

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