Friday’s Farm Fotos

May 22, 2009

Just a few random pictures from around the farm…

More Roses!

There’s an old fashioned red rose bush blooming by one of the woven wire fences.  It was already here when we moved to the farm.

Old-Fashioned Red Rose

I have a hard time getting good, true-colored pictures of the color red.  The camera just doesn’t want to focus in correctly on it.

I planted a ‘Dr. W. Van Fleet’ rose beside one of the wooden fences we put up. 

Rose 'Dr. W. Van Fleet'

It’s one of the few roses that will bloom in partial shade and is supposed to grow 15-20 feet.  I’m hoping it will cover a good bit of the fence.

Cinnamon On A Mower

Miss Cinnamon likes to climb all over The Farmer’s tractor.

Cinnamon, the pygmy goat doe.

She’s always finding some way to push the envelope – just *not quite* getting into trouble, but almost.

Shorn Sheep

About a week ago we sheared the sheep.  We are not very good at it and they look a little ragged.  I really, REALLY miss the young man we used to have shearing our sheep, but he moved onto to a different career.

Three Newly Sheared Shetland Ewes

Needless to say, the wool is worthless.  For one thing, there are way too many second cuts.  But it’s getting pretty warm here, and at least the sheep are cooler now.

A Blast From The Past

I finally figured out how to fix one of my cameras.  The shutter button popped off, and I had to buy a new one and install it.  When I got it out to fix it, I discovered there was a memory card still in it with some pictures from last fall. 

Here’s a half-grown guinea trying to decide if it wants to fly or not.  The adult wants the baby to fly up to the top of the pen to roost for the night.

Guinea with keet.
Come on, you can do it!
Guinea keet flapping wings.
Okay, I’ll try!

Sometimes it takes a while for the keets to get brave enough to fly up onto the top of a building, then into the trees, but the sooner they do, the less chance they’ll fall prey to predators.

Peepers and Repeep

I rescued this hen from an abandoned nest.  A few chicks had already hatched, and the Mama Hen had already left with them.  I tried to get her to take the abandoned chick, but she wouldn’t do it.  Since she kept pecking at the chick, I raised it.

I named her Peepers because, well, she peeped a lot.  I mean a LOT!  At first I had her in a box inside the house, but I eventually moved her to a cage on the back porch because the incessant peeping was driving me crazy(ier)!

Hen and chick

Now she has a little clone, and SHE gets to listen to the constant peeping!  I don’t think she minds though.

And there you have it, a random selection of pictures from the farm.  Have a great weekend!

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